Stretch Wrap Pallet Wrapping

UK Technical Centre

Using a standard Octopus wrapping machines and a full range of stretch films, customer pallets are received for analysis to determine the following:

  • Stretch film
  • Optimum wrap programme(s)
  • Necessary load holding characteristics
  • Logistical considerations
  • Recommended bar code/label locations
  • Primary and secondary packaging considerations.

The pallets are then test-wrapped and evaluated for load containment, stretch film efficiency and application.

To fully test the new packaging application, pallets are then shipped back to the customer.

Detailed reporting

A detailed report is supplied to the customer specific to their product and needs.

All the data gathered can be transferred to existing machinery. If the project involves new machinery purchase, the complete packaging system can be installed during commissioning, removing trial and error or over-compensating by using too much stretch film.

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Our contact details:

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POP Centre

ITW Mima have also developed the Packaging Optimisation Centre (POP Centre) in their stretch film factory, Virton, Belgium. This is similar to the other Mima test centres across Europe but also has more in-depth testing equipment.

Acceleration Test At Mima Packaging Optimisation Centre (POP), Stretch Films Factory, Virton, Belgium

Acceleration test at our Packaging Optimisation Centre.

A shaking table, shower test as well as an acceleration conveyor are all used to evaluate the total packaging delivered by customers. Here, our full range of stretch film, wrapping patterns and other settings can then be tried and evaluated.

Using slow-motion video equipment, we are able to fully appreciate the characteristics of previous stretch wrapped loads and make the best corrective actions, targeting film exactly where it is needed.

Request the use of our test facility.